About The Musings of a Paranoid

Poetry and prose is the lifeblood of the soul; an upwelling of the lives, desires and loves as well as a railing and lashing out of our failures and disappointments.

When we fail to understand the origins of our own faults and failings, often times we put the blame on God. When we are overwhelmed with happiness and very pleased with our lives, once again, God receives the credit.

Many will read these lines and think of them as merely the yearnings of a lost love but it goes deeper than that. The thing that has been lost is not just a person that the writer had a lot of affection for but rather an entire universe in which this individual lived. These lines are how she came to realize this fact and how she dealt with the problem and being an occidental already had some interesting problems that needed to be dealt with.

The primary difference between the oriental and the occidental minds, which also seems to cause much of the strife between the two, are the oriental, as a rule, tend to curse the human condition and praise God in difficult times; whereas the occidental does the opposite. The occidental will curse God and praise the human condition. If you meditate on this you will soon perceive the myriad of styles as well as the general trends of the two.

Attitudes in writing are the key, whether it be Milton, Keats, Poe or Gibran. This is also true in the appreciation of such writings. The attitudes of the writer will always come into play. If the reader is in a good mood he will more than likely choose a poem that reflects that mood. If the opposite be true he will choose something sad or morose.

The choices one has when selecting a piece of poetry or prose is as innumerable as the moods and attitudes of all the writers that pour out their hearts as they describe this tragedy called life.

What this writer failed to comprehend was memories are an echo from the past, the bad things always forgotten and the good things amplified. It doesn’t matter much where a person goes in this life, their memories will always be there to keep them company.

You will notice throughout much of it, religion does not seem to do much more than aggravate the situation. In the writers search for God she has found that what the Bible says is not necessarily that which will transpire. Consequently the confusion only feeds the situation.

Wilma Caro


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