Through the Veil


This is not my world,

Everything here is strange.

Have I passed through the veil?

How did everything change?

Where now is my world?

How did I cross to here?

Was I replaced by another?

What of  she, whom I held so dear?

Perhaps this occurrence is common,

As with others, this time with me.

Trapping one and then another,

Slipping beyond, ne’er to be free.

Wandering alone in an alien environ,

Longing for my home to see.

My desire is for that, which was,

As emptiness engulfs me.

Hostility and pain to those as I,

Beset upon as by a beast.

Never again to receive rest,

Missing always my angel of the east.

But the time will come,

Or so it is I pray.

My love will whisper in my ear,

Time to wake, for dawning is the day.


About WIL-AN

WILMA ANLOCOTAN CARO is a teacher and a life-long learner who specializes in helping students learn English language efficiently and quickly. She has been teaching English for 15 years to young and adult Asians and Middle Eastern students. She is passionate about empowering quality education to students and teachers and helping them to develop their full potential especially their self-esteem and confidence. She always believe that Learning English is fun and always incorporate a variety of hands on activities, fun manipulative and learning projects to motivate her students. She uses the CELTA approach of teaching English which she believe is the most effective technique for ESL/EFL learners. She specializes in IELTS, TOEFL, TOIEC, EIKEN, and TEPS Test taking Skills. She is so keen when it comes to Spoken Language as she has taught American Accent Training for adults and young learners for quite some time already and she believes that learning pronunciation is not difficult at all if you just learn it by heart. She is also a writer by heart.She has written Academic books for English Language schools and has written prose and poetry of which are published anonymously. She is a traveler who loves adventure and challenges in life.A woman full of life and mysteries.

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